Professor, Department of Information Engineering Shinshu University

Phone : +81 (26) 269 5481
Fax : +81 (26) 269 5495

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Birth Place : Oita Prefecture in Kyushu

1971 : B.E. from Shinshu University
1976 : M.E from Shinshu University
1988 : D.E. from Tokyo Institute of Technology

1988 : Associate Professor of Shinshu University
1999 : Professor of Shinshu University

  • Director of General Affairs, The Magnetics Society of Japan
  • The Institute of Electrical Engineers of Japan
  • The Institute of Electronics, Information and Communication Engineers
  • The Japan Society of Applied Physics


My main research field is the development of magnetic recording media and the magnetic head core materials for ultra high density recording.

I have been interested in hexagonal Ba-ferrite thin films prepared by sputtering(briefly introduced on another page). This film has a chemical stability, mechanical strength, excellent crystallinity and moderate hard magnetism. Ba-ferrite sputtered thin film is one of the most promising candidates for high density magnetic recording media.

We have already shown the recording characteristics of Ba-ferrite sputtered disk and recording density D50 of Ba-ferrite disk as high as 190k frpi by using a ring type head.

Of course there are some critical problems to overcome in the preparation of Ba-ferrite thin film.

To prepare Ba-ferrite thin film with excellent crystallinity, we should elevate the substrate temperature up to about 600C. This is the most severe problem for us. So I have been trying to lower the substrate temperature for the past 5 years. If we added Pb(lead) to Ba-ferrite thin film, we could decrease the temperature down to 480C. Yes, you might feel it is still high(^^;).

Now we are developing a novel technique to lower the substrate temperature further.

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