CSE Department Building


The Faculty of Engineering at Shinshu University was created in 1949 from the Nagano Technical School (founded in 1943) as one faculty of the newly created Shinshu University. The Master's program was established in 1978 and the Doctoral program was established in 1991.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering started with 4 research groups and an enrollment of 40 students per year in 1974, expanded to 5 research groups and 50 students per year in 1975, and graduated its first class in 1978. After a faculty reorganization in 1989, student enrollment increased to 90 students per year.
In the graduate school attached to the department, there is a Master's program in Computer Science & Engineering and a Doctoral program in System Development Engineering both which provide the opportunity to continue to higher levels of research and education.


CSE Department Education Policy

In this department, we aim to produce future engineers who have basic and advanced knowledge in areas related to computer software and hardware and can use this knowledge to develop actual applications. We also aim to educate our students to have a logical and creative way of thinking and at the same time to give them sound practical knowledge in technology that is intelligent and high-level.

Faculty of Engineering Admission Policy (in Japanese)